While studying in Cairns you have many choices for safe, quality accommodation during your short or extended stay. Cairns Language Centre encourages you to fully immerse yourself in the Australian way of life with our Homestay Program or connect with your student community either in premium apartments, full service accommodation or a share house. All options offer great security and great company.

Contact our CLC Accommodation Officer to assist you to find accommodation that makes you feel right at home in Cairns.

Homestay Program

From the time you arrive in Cairns, to the day you jet off to your next adventure or return home, your host family are here to support you. The Homestay Program matches you with a local family based on your specific needs and interests; and ensures you have quality accommodation to call home for the duration of your stay.

Feel comfortable in a family atmosphere where you can fully immerse yourself in the relaxed Australian lifestyle. As you take part in our way of life and encounter our customs − from the casual BBQ and fanatical sports to religious holidays – you will enrich your understanding of our local culture and practise using English in everyday situations. You will vastly improve your understanding of colloquialisms and advance your pronunciation.

Choosing homestay accommodation offers you the opportunity to make lasting friendships with your host family, and have a fully immersive experience not typically experienced when visiting another country.

Homestay overview

  • Become a member of the family and experience Australian lifestyle (e.g. family celebrations, camping, beach visits)
  • Taste Australian food and learn about our customs
  • Within 72 hours of enrolment receive a host family profile carefully selected to match your specific needs and interests
  • All host families are required to adhere to the CLC Quality Assured Code of Ethics.
  • Host families welcome and collect you on arrival
  • Students under 18 years of age must study full time (25 hours per week) and stay with a CLC approved homestay family (full board)
  • Australian Guardianship conditions apply. Guardianship Fee: AU$53 per week.


Ensuring a great match

We work hard to find a suitable match for you and your host, and do our best to accommodate any special requests, e.g. non-smoking home, dietary requirements etc. We want every student and family to be satisfied with their homestay arrangement and our Accommodation Officer will maintain contact with you throughout your stay to ensure all reasonable needs are met.

Quality homestay accommodation

Our homestay families provide quality individual bedrooms suitable for rest and study. Homestay families supply breakfast, dinner and snacks each week day and all meals on the weekend. The evening meal is usually eaten together as a family, but the breakfast routine may vary from home to home. Some Christian families may say prayers before each meal.

Host families will provide transport for students until they are familiar with the area and bus routes. All families are conveniently located within reasonable distance to the campus, usually within 30 minutes bike or bus ride.

Family life

Australian families team together to help in the home – clearing up after dinner, tidying their own bedroom, walking the family dog etc. Students are encouraged to contribute. This is a great way to get to know your host family and practice language in everyday tasks.

Share house
Independent students might prefer a share house (or share apartment) where they can live with other CLC students. Eat, study and sleep under the same roof as your new friends and practice the English you have learned each day. You might even plan tours together for your leisure time.

Our Accommodation Officer can assist you to arrange a share house, and we guarantee all proposed share houses have been visited and checked by our team for quality, safety and suitability.

CLC Share house overview

  • Located close to CLC and central areas in Cairns
  • Connected to wi-fi
  • Well-furnished and adequately equipped  
  • All bills included in weekly rent
  • Single, double, twin or triple rooms
  • Bathrooms are either shared or en suite
  • Students share a kitchen and common area

Finding your own place

Alternatively, you can arrange your own accommodation. The internet offers multiple platforms to find shared lodging, for example www.flatmates.com.au or www.flatshare.com.au

Desirable areas that are close to the beach and can still be reached within 30-35 minutes from Cairns Central by bus are Smithfield and Yorkey’s Knob. Other central and affordable areas in Cairns are Edge Hill or Stratford.

Hotels, hostels and more

You might want to book a hostel, hotel, motel, or serviced apartment, independently. Generally located in Cairns City, commercial accommodation options will ensure you encounter fellow travellers and offer the usual elements of a holiday style lodging.

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