Welcome to the International Student Office at Cairns Language Centre, where we serve all incoming and currently enrolled international students at our school. We assist you in maintaining your legal Visa status in Australia, provide support for your dependants, and promote interaction with and integration into the CLC community at large.

Welcome to Cairns

On your first morning, we welcome you to our school when you check-in at our front reception at 08:15.

You will meet other students and some of the staff members and complete the English Level Assessment to find out which class level will be most suitable for you.

As part of the Cairns Language Centre’s orientation program, we take our students on an introduction tour of the Campus, and also a tour of the inner city.

We will introduce you to important places in Cairns and we will ensure you have accurate information about the use of international telephones, post offices, buses, etc; while you are in Cairns

Our goal is to make every student feel at home in Cairns, so you can enjoy your stay.

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